Lighting up Covent Garden

This week we’re dedicating the newsletter to the characters who literally light up Covent Garden!

Over to the left we have 3 of the 5 lamplighters in London who look after 1500 gas lit street lights around Westminster and Covent Garden! Stephen is a regular in Covent Garden. Always say hello to him if spotted (just be mindful if he’s up a ladder.)

Over to the right photographed inside Covent Garden Tube Station, (which reopened last week, EXIT ONLY), we have Kevin Bond, Customer Service Supervisor with two of his colleagues lighting up our tunnels.
The tube station being open has made a huge difference to the amount of visitors to the area which is what the shopkeepers and restaurants are in need of. Kevin tells us that by mid September they hope the tube station will be back to normal. Until then it’s open 7-7pm Monday to Friday closed on the weekend.

An extra special thank you to Pele BapereJonathan Bryrne and Kevin Bond who’ve all been consistently amazing and supportive of The Covent Gardener since it launched nearly 5 years ago.