Local Hero – Arthur Montgomery

Local Hero – Arthur Montgomery


During the first lockdown I had the privilege of getting better acquainted with the people who look after the nuts and bolts of Covent Garden. Saying hello to our security guards and maintenance men while walking round for daily exercise was and still is, one of  the highlights of my day.

During this time I posted a photo on Instagram taken of happy-go-lucky maintenance man, Arthur Montgomery. One of the fabulous runners-up in our Cover Competition, Elspeth Graham, spotted this photo and decided to dedicate her cover image entry to Arthur. ‘ARTHUR AND THE FLOWERS OF COVENT GARDEN’.

Elspeth also wrote a few words (see below) about why she chose Arthur, we were all so touched by her gentleness and Arthur was thrilled at being immortalised on the pages of The Covent Gardener… he already has his page framed on the wall at home.

‘I came across Arthur Montgomery, one of the maintenance men, when browsing The Covent Gardener’s Instagram page and thought that he had such a lovely demeanour. I believe that he and all the other hidden people working to keep Covent Garden alive make up one of the most important elements of the area, both in its past, future and perhaps above all in these very strange present times.

Elements of my illustration have been painted with beetroot as a reference to Covent Garden’s historic fruit and vegetable markets.’

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