Issue 15



I must start out by saying that in my 10 years of living here, I have never once seen a cockroach in Covent Garden. When I first heard about hedgehogs being sold in The Piazza in the 1900s to hoover up the trader-bothering roaches, I knew we needed two covers to tell this story. And who better to ask than illustrator and animator Stephanie Hofmann, whose work is known for being incredibly elegant, thoughtful and witty. Of course, dear reader, you will have received just one of the two covers, follow us on Instagram @thecoventgardener to see both covers in more detail.

Along with some horrid cockroach recipes, in this critter-centric issue you’ll find the sweetest story about the costermonger donkeys. 100,000 donkeys have worked in the Piazza over the past 400 years and it warms the heart to know their owners treated these diligent animals like pets, even bringing them home to lay their weary heads in the garden.

We are thrilled to welcome Fernando Peire, legendary host of The Ivy Club, to our team. Head to his ‘Theatre Spy’ page to discover the best shows to see, and check the Diary page for select events at the Club, reserved only for members and, now, readers of The Covent Gardener. We have also teamed up again with Eileen Lam from The Little Mischiefs and will be running a fun Instagram campaign highlighting how Ted received a membership to the Ivy Club. Spoiler alert – the Queen is involved.
Throughout the issue we have oodles of bees, rats, mice and fleas, catfish as big as humans, exotic birds in Seven Dials, and even a fatberg. This is The Covent Gardener after all, what did you expect?!

Elsewhere, we hear echoes of Covent Garden on a trip to New York; and Vivien Godfrey, CEO of world-renowned map and travel shop Stanfords, debuts her travel column where she gives precious tips and reveals her travel plans for the summer.

I’m always hitting the streets and exploring new corners of the area, so if you see me out and about, don’t be shy!

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