A long, long (long) time ago as a mere Junior Designer at Tatler magazine, one of my tasks was designing the shopping pages. Shopping in my opinion is the hardest section in a magazine to design. They’re a puzzle, eventually they will work but one has to be very patient.
One time I was given the task of designing 5 pages of shopping, which for the life of me couldn’t make work. Day one goes by and the Art Director at the time gently sends me back to the drawing board, day two rolls into three, drags into seven!  Seven days is an eternity in publishing (pages like this usually take half a day to design). My patient boss kept encouraging and eventually I got there!
Bring us to the present day… shopping pages are my favourite and most enjoyable pages to design. For our Winter Issue 20 we’ll be creating a WINTER SHOPPING GUIDE, 6 full pages of shopping!

Thought a massive focus on shopping for our traders and shopkeepers was the right way to go.

One product on the printed Winter Issue Shopping Guide
One mention on our newsletter
One Instagram post
Plus you’ll be given 15x printed Winter Issues ALL for £300.

We are trying to be as thoughtful and inclusive as possible, while bringing in enough money to pay our printer and contributors.
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