This week it’s all about our shop keepers, traders and some of the most unusual and affordable gifts found in Covent Garden. Let’s start with Sharon and Paula who run two of the most popular souvenir barrows in The East Colonnade Market, everything from little red buses to money boxes,  (these two gorgeous women give the Cecil Court community a run for their money, as you might be offered a glass of wine and a gentle chat with the Cecil Court crowd, Sharon and Paula will insist you join them for dinner, give you advice on men and business, and there’ll definitely be glasses of gin and vodka involved!)

As we leave The East Colonnade Market we walk past Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop, selling everything from whoopee cushions and mice in matchboxes to what Pollock’s is most famous for… traditional cut-out Victorian toy paper theatres. Simon and Raphael are doing a fantastic job of looking after this absolute gem of a shop which has been inside The Market Building for over 40 years.

Leaving Pollock’s we pass through the Apple Market, a touch larger than the East Colonnade Market with lots more interesting independent businesses. Miss Ellie Dancewear run by Steve O’Connell has a extensive range of ballerina illustrated t-shirts, vests and hoodies, plus an incredible amount of ballerina prints. Next we head towards Jubilee Market, who have been very busy welcoming new traders to their family. Newest members are Natasha Stone who has launched The Lovie Diaries, she has created a genius range of diaries especially for creatives, (we also have one to give away), and The Kiskadee Kitchen are also newcomers, selling a range of delicious baked goods, my personal favourite, cranberry flapjacks made with honey!

Anyone who likes scented candles must visit Darius from Darium, candles starting at £19 and their latest product is the ‘Feel Happy Salt Diffuser’ helping to balance electromagnetic radiation, purify and cleanse the air. Next we trot over to product developer Pedro Macosta who’s been trading in Jubilee Market for 16 years, I’ve been a fan of his balsa wood pens for years, can’t imagine anyone not wanting one of these joyous hand-painted and hand-carved pens, which we’re also giving away.

Last but not least we have Scents Garden, yet another brilliant, independent business inside Jubilee Market, run by powerhouse Sandra who sells the most delicious oil based perfumes. My favourite which i’m obsessed with and wearing right now is Dolce Vita!

If you’re planing on visiting let me know, am more than happy to give you a tour of the market and introduce you to a few of the traders and shop keepers.