What’s Fishy in Covent Garden?

What’s Fishy in Covent Garden?

For those that enjoy fish (and shellfish), there’s never been so many choices especially right now in Covent Garden. Let’s start with one of my favourites… the Hiramasa Kama which seems to get a mention in every newsletter, this piece of fish found in Sticks’N’Sushi is one of the best kept secrets in Covent Garden and one of the most affordable for the size and quality (under £15) also includes a miso soup and rice.

You can’t go wrong with a classic fish & chips served in most of the pubs in Covent Garden, The Porterhouse Bar on Maiden Lane also have mushy peas. If you’re after something a touch more exotic, Condesa a favourite with the locals, serve octopus Ceviche and cured Cantabrian anchovies with caramelised piquillo peppers. Sebastian and Gabriel (pictured top right) are always on hand to welcome you.

If you’re after oysters we have you covered, from established OysterMen on Henrietta Street who recently set up shop at Apple Market, to new kids on The Piazza, Grey & Feathers (top left) outside Jubilee Market specialising in Essex Oysters (showing a little less flesh than other visitors to the area from Essex).

For loyal oyster lovers why not pass by new Japanese knife shop KATABA, on Endell Street where you can find everything from Kitchen knives to Oyster Shuckers.

After all that, if you’re still stuck there’s always Tesco fish finger sandwiches at mine, only the very VIP of Covent Garden get to experience my culinary skills…