Covent Carnival

Covent Carnival

fazzino rioCovent Garden is one of the most vibrant places in London, and Charles Fazzino is one of America’s most colorful and beloved artists

With more than 30 years of experience after graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Charles Fazzino is currently exhibiting with his London agents Galerie Artima at a pop-up gallery in Covent Garden, Long Acre until January 2016. The artist is thrilled to see his work on show in London after having worked with the gallery in France for many years.

Not only is he regarded as one of the innovators of the 3D Pop Art movement in the 1970s, but his work is exhibited in hundreds of museums and galleries all over the world, and his collectors include famous names such as Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney and Julia Roberts.

Fazzino has worked as an officially licensed artist for the National Football League, the Super Bowl, Major League Baseball and the MLB All-Star Game, and has created artwork for events like the 2010 World Cup, the Grammy Awards, the President William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation and many, many more.

In his role as an official artist for the United States Olympic Team, he was in London for the Olympic Games, which he calls one of his favourite events of all time: “The city was perfect. The people were perfect. The weather was perfect. I just loved that time in London.”

His next big project will be Rio 2016 and we are already excited to see how he will capture these Olympic Games in with his larger-than-life images. Have a look on his website to find the incredible series of Olympic Games artworks he has created since Sydney 2000.

Looking at Fazzino’s collection, his artwork undoubtedly has the power to shift your perspective towards seeing the world as a much more playful place full of colours and hidden details. He is the kind of artist who manages to draw the big picture without losing the attention for detail, and we are very happy to introduce him to our readers in this first issue.

When travelling with his wife, Charles revealed that the two of them like to shop in Covent Garden: “We love to shop all over London, and especially in Covent Garden. It’s so well located and you can find everything here.”

So make yourself a collector of vivid and lasting memories around Covent Garden by taking a trip to Galerie Artima on Long Acre. Who knows, what with Charles’s soft spot for Covent Garden, maybe we’ll be seeing his interpretation of this lively London spot soon?