What The Dickens?

We're celebrating the birthday of the greatest novelist of the Victorian era, born 7th February 1812

Dead Letters

One of the many local adventures we had during these extraordinary months was a trip to the Embankment with London's most famous mudlarker Jason Sandy, and a permit is essential. On this particular excursion (we've been lucky enough to have been


Mark Fox on how the Drury Lane Theatre was rescued by a canine sensation In 1803, the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan was in severe financial difficulties. His successful works – The Rivals (1775), The School for Scandal (1777) and The Critic


Lucy Moore laments the decline of the Jelly-house, erstwhile institutions of all things wobbly A 1771 guide to Covent Garden promised to take its readers on a tour of ‘the theatres, Jelly-houses, Gaming-houses, Night-houses, Cottages, Masquerades, Mock-Masquerades, Public-gardens, and other places of

Digging into the Past

Architect and mudlark Jason Sandy introduces us to the lost Anglo-Saxon city of Lundenwic Have you ever wondered what lies hidden beneath the cobblestones of Covent Garden? In 1985, the driver of a mechanical digger discovered that the answer to this

The Green Queen

Food historian Regula Ysewijn introduces a remarkable figure from Covent Garden history Eliza. Listen closely and you might hear the name of an uncrowned queen of yesteryear echoing around the majestic walls of Covent Garden Market. Eliza James, the ‘Watercress Queen’. Surely one

Covent Carnival

Pop-art pop-up on Long Acre with US superstar Charles Fazzino