Issue 17



This Crime & Punishment issue all started with a hilarious historical piece of information from our neighbours the QI Elves, highlighting the pitfalls of 18th century Wig Snatchers. This then led us to our cover story which could only be a wig. Cover artist, writer and curator Juman Malouf read every story that was to be featured on these pages, and was intrigued by the quirky, weird and wonderful stories of Claude Duval, Jenny Diver and The Wig Room at the The Royal Opera House. She cleverly and intricately translated all the elements into a towering wig of crime and punishment, tails and tales. Juman has been a huge supporter of The Covent Gardener since its inception and a friend of mine since school days, so I’m delighted that this issue really resonated with her.

We are indebted to PC Dakota McLucas, the Designated Ward Officer for Covent Garden who continues to befriend the community. She opened the doors of the police archives and introduced us to Dr Clare Smith, Historical Collection Curator at The Met, plus she gave us a tour of many Police Head Quarters & Magistrates Courts as well as Charing Cross Police Station. We came away with a lot of tales to tell…

This winter we encourage you to get out and about in Covent Garden detective-style. Discover many local facts with our MURDER MYSTERY trail inside the magazine, solve all the clues to find out who the murderer is and win a piece of jewellery worth £300 from Roseheart Jewels. The only crime is not completing it and letting us know @thecoventgardener

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