I recently described myself to a Covent Garden colleague as a cockroach… (obviously i’d be one of Steffi Hofmann’s roaches from Issue 15 wearing CHANEL, but a cockroach nonetheless).

WHY you might ask? Because they are the ultimate survivors and right now in the heart of Central London… Covent Garden, it’s about survival!

Knew I wouldn’t be able to publish a summer issue but when the autumn issue was also impacted things had to change. Hence the massive focus on this weekly newsletter, a more user friendly website, downloadable magazines and yearly subscriptions.
The amount of encouraging messages and support has been overwhelming. For those who have purchased a yearly subscription, you will NOT be disappointed!

Even though I had no doubt in my mind that I would be publishing a winter issue, I didn’t think we would get new advertisers and sponsorship in this year. Very excited to be partnering with the the London Transport Museum and the new NoMad hotel… will be hearing plenty more about this incredible hotel in the Winter Issue.

Not only are we surviving, the Winter Issue out November 5th is going to be outstanding, the biggest issue we’ve ever printed. Am incredibly passionate about the importance of print, its impact on a business and ultimately the reader and even more excited about finally getting this issue into your hands.

(Just to reassure you… in 11 years, including lockdown with Covent Garden at her quietest, I’ve never seen a real cockroach here).

Did you know that cockroaches were actually sold in The Piazza in the 1900s
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