Issue 18



Common courtesy makes life better but we are all guilty at times of momentarily forgetting our manners. Never more so than in bustling, busy and often boisterous Covent Garden, where people of all cultures, ages and walks of life come together on a daily basis.

The aim with our magazine is to simply celebrate the Covent Garden area by championing the businesses and community, but I am not shy to say living here is not for everyone – we love visitors but we can also be driven mad ducking through selfie sticks and picnicking pre-teens. So I decided to dedicate this issue to ‘Manners and Etiquette’ in all their glory for everyone, including myself, to consider.

Did you know there’s a world of difference between manners and etiquette? We find out how famed Covent Gardener, Sir Walter Raleigh, won a Palace from Queen Elizabeth Ist on account of his impeccable manners. A real life teen tells us why her peers’ modern patois shouldn’t be construed as bad manners. We see how kindness has always been prevalent in Covent Garden with Clive Boursnell’s photo from 1971, where its all hands on deck when traders stop everything to help an unlucky Porter. We kindly ask you to not put cigarette butts and empty cans in the beautiful flower displays round our home and advise you to not push past the crowds when our street performers are performing; they have dedicated hours and years to perfecting their trade.

We also ask if spitting, swearing and picking one’s nose in public are ever acceptable (the answer, of course, being NEVER), which brings us to our fabulous, fun and unforgettable interactive cover created by Olimpia Zagnoli (know as OZ). The only bad mannered behaviour we do encourage this spring is for you to explore Covent Garden while putting a finger through the hole on our cover girl’s nostril. Email us your best ‘picks’!

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