Issue 21


Issue 21, and the Colour Issue is born as we depart lockdown and go skipping into spring. It celebrates and embraces all that is colourful, from money with Financial Times writer Merryn Somerset Webb, makeup and scent with perfume queen Josephine Fairley, to the essence of rainbows with (past cover artist) Patrick Hughes. We also cover one of the 19th century’s most bizarre experiments by scientist William Henry Perkin who invented synthetic purple, and in true Covent Gardener style we have a very cheeky article on colourful language. We also cover theatre, science, fashion, food, literature, nature and shopping.

We are so proud and excited to announce that Mexican street artist Stinkfish, known for his vibrant art, created our cover which currently resides proudly on a wall where he lives in Bogotá, Colombia. Due to Covid this has all been done remotely, otherwise it would have been here in Covent Garden. We also have an exclusive interview with Stinkfish to hear about his love of colour.

As in the first lockdown we have been incredibly touched by the constant support from local businesses, the community, our contributors and friends who make up The Covent Gardener family. We could not have brought this issue to you without all your encouragement. Thank you to everyone who’s a yearly subscriber, who follows us on social media, for all the encouraging messages we received from sending out the weekly newsletters and all the photos you’ve emailed us of the postcards we sent to help cheer you up.

Finally, we have a few new additions to our Covent Gardener map, one being a miniature Adam Handling with his Michelin star – do treat yourself with a table at Frog, one of Covent Garden’s finest restaurants. Can you spot who the other two are?

Do let me know if you’re visiting our beautiful neighbourhood, it’s always a joy to meet our readers!

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