Issue 23


The Writers Issue, the perfect antidote to those cold, dark evenings.

Find out about the diarists who defined the area, and plunge into the weird world of self-publishing – did you know it started many hundreds of years ago? A new phenomenon it is not… We hear from Josephine Fairley about novels that have inspired scents, and Nick Bromley’s spooky ghost tales give us the chills. Mark Fox tells us about the incredible history to discover at the newly opened Theatre Royal Drury Lane and we hear about their brand-new afternoon tea.

Cover Artist Hannah Robinson’s charming illustration has a selection of famous writing celebrities; can you recognise who they are?

We so enjoy collaborating with our neighbours – St Martin-in-the-Fields, The NoMad London, The Royal Opera House, The Mercers and the London Transport Museum to name but a few. Do check out our ‘Do in a Day’ page to find out what’s happened to Santa’s broken sleigh, answers can be found inside the museum!

Along with the usual suspects – Shopping, Diary, Local Knowledge and Services pages – we have added new characters to our Adam Dant Covent Gardener map; see if you can spot them!

We are also launching Issue 2 of The Mayfarer and it’s a delight finding the connections between the two areas. Friends have expressed concern at the amount of time I’m spending in Mayfair, and I’ve been asked on more than a few occasions which area I prefer? As much as I adore my daily visits to Mayfair, and the idea of a party being thrown for us in 2022 by The Connaught (who want to introduce The Mayfarer to the community there), I will not have my head turned… am Covent Gardener through and through!

Please do say hello if you see me out and about – we are always open to ideas, whether fiction, fact or business.

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