Kissing might be cancelled, but Christmas certainly isn’t!

Even though we are STILL IN October, the focus right now, more than ever is Christmas. The distinct smell of mulled wine is now wafting through The Piazza, our friends at Pollocks have opened their Christmas Pop Up, 'Benjamin's Christmas Baazar' and all the decorations are up in The Market


I recently described myself to a Covent Garden colleague as a cockroach


Content for a new issue is ALWAYS kept secret until it’s published. I obviously can not keep a secret! In the Winter Issue 20 which goes to the printers in less than THREE WEEKS not only are we featuring all of the brilliant


A long, long (long) time ago as a mere Junior Designer at Tatler magazine, one of my tasks was designing the shopping pages. Shopping in my opinion is the hardest section in a magazine to design. They're a puzzle, eventually they will work but one has to

What’s on the menu?

Essential Local Services might not be the most exciting and glamorous items on the menu, however, unwanted visitors who squeak sure take the shine out of a night spent dining in Covent Garden or dining at home in Covent Garden! Having a set of tried and


This week sees The Covent Gardener reaching the grand old age of five. Five years for a printed publication is an achievement, especially now when so many are struggling. After spending my working life as a Creative Director, designing a magazine is like dressing myself, it's

Lighting up Covent Garden

This week we're dedicating the newsletter to the characters who literally light up Covent Garden! Over to the left we have 3 of the 5 lamplighters in London who look after 1500 gas lit street lights around Westminster and Covent Garden! Stephen is a regular in Covent